Phoenix Art Resort

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Name in Chinese: 杭州凤凰山庄艺术酒店

Address: 64 Shanjiao Road, Phoenix Mountain

Phone: 86-571-87887000

Brief of Phoenix Art Resort

Enveloped in lush forests in Phoenix Mountain scenic area, the Phoenix Art Resort (Fenghuang Shanzhuang Yishu Jiudian) is only a 10-minute drive from Hangzhou Railway Station and 25 minutes from Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport. This luxurious hotel features minimalist modern design. Each room has its own unique style, equipped with custom-tailored furniture, superior beddings, imported bathroom fixtures and toiletries. Guests here can enjoy various snacks, fruits and drinks from all over the world without bothering to eat out. The on-site restaurants boast the most authentic and fresh materials prepared by famous chefs from across the country. This art hotel also stands out for its 100 cellars and art gallery.